Xiu-Qian, Zheng
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Xiu-Qian, Zheng was born in 1946 in Fuzhou. He graduated from Fuzhou Arts and Crafts School in 1967 and enrolled at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1980. He worked in Fuzhou First Bodiless Factory and the Municipal Arts and Crafts Technical School. After retirement, he was appointed as a supervisor of postgraduate students in the Academy of Fine Arts of the then Fujian Technology, now Fujian Normal University, and a visiting professor in Fujian Commercial College. He was the only participant who was involved throughout the Mawangdui cultural reproduction project from 1972 to 1974, and he is the successor of Mawangdui needle carving art. Zheng is currently a Chinese arts and crafts master, a senior technology artist, and a successor of Fujian Province Intangible Cultural Heritage. His lacquer painting works were selected to be displayed in the 6th to 11th National Art Exhibitions. Many of his lacquer paintings and lacquer works have been collected by the National Museum, China Art Museum, Fujian Art Museum, Former Soviet Museum of Oriental Art, and the Provincial Arts and Crafts Museum. His works are included in "Chinese Contemporary Art Collection of Lacquer Pictures" and the "Complete Works of Chinese Contemporary Art Collection, Volume of Lacquerware" etc.. Zheng has published " Selected Xiu-Qian, Zheng Lacquer Paintings and Lacquerware" and other books.