Xiao-Po, He
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Xiao-Po, He was born in 1972 in Hunan. His love of painting started at an early age.  He graduated from Hunan Academy of Fine Arts in 1994, specializing in paintings and crafts. After graduation, He engaged himself in art education, and during his teaching period his artistic works were repeatedly published by provincial and municipal newspapers and magazines. Since 2004, He has been dedicated to the creation and study of lacquer painting. He created a lot of lacquer paintings for luxury hotels, superior villas, and large clubs, laying a solid foundation for his lacquer painting career. He's works are on display in important places such as the Xiamen Special Economic Zone Memorial, Xiamen Folk Museum, Xiamen Airlines, etc.

Xiao-Po, He is adept at capturing the bits and pieces of life and discovering the beauty hidden deep within people's hearts. His works are concise but full of meanings of life; they depict a yearning for better things yet portray a slight hint of the vicissitudes of life; they pursue peacefulness but also stir up feeling of great excitement. When He is creating lacquer paintings, in addition to the application of a complete idea, he also uses materials in a clever manner to enhance the artistic effect on the works, achieving the highest state of half created by human and half by nature.