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He was born in Fuzhou City in 1951 and graduated from Fuzhou School of Arts and Crafts in 1978. He is a Master of Arts and Crafts in Fujian Province and an A list artist in Fuzhou City.
Presently he is a member of Fujian Province Artists Association and Fujian Province Arts and Crafts Association.


Awards and honors

1989    his lacquer painting "Black Roof" was selected in the 7th National Art Exhibition. In 1991, his lacquer ware
           "Argyle Pattern Ball Bottle" won the silver Prize in the first 
Zhengyan Cup.
2002    his lacquer ware "Vase" won the Bronze Medal in the 3rd Fujian Province Arts andCrafts Zhengyan Cup.
2002    his lacquer painting "Tulips" won the Award of Excellence in the 3rd FujianProvince Arts and Crafts
            Zhengyan Cup.

2004    his lacquer ware "Block Shell Pear Flower" won the Award of Excellence in theFolk art folk handicraft
            category of the 5th Folk art Shanhua Award and others.