Bing- Yi, WANG
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1978 born in Qizihar, Heilongjiang
2006 graduated from Tsinghua University。


About Wang Bing Yi
Wang Bing Yi enrolled in the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University in 2002, focusing on lacquer painting. Wang studied the craft under professor Cheng Xiangjun. Wang believes that not only is lacquer painting a special form of drawing but also an art form that combines the mentality of Chinese culture with Western legacy. For Wang, lacquer painting is an art appreciation process that portrays the Chinese focus on social issues and nature through freehand styles and narratives.

After experimenting with different methods, Wang innovated the two-dimensional visual effect of traditional Qiangjin and introduced the unique “Jumping Knife Technique.” The “Jumping Knife Technique” allows changes in lighting and not only adds variety to traditional lacquer techniques but also introduces a refreshing quality to contemporary lacquer painting expressions. Wang’s method creates a quality of sketch drawings in his images that brings new charm and elegance to the ancient genre. Lotus is Wang’s classic work and was selected and awarded by the 12th National Exhibition for Fine Arts China and collected by the National Art Museum of China.

Wang looks for inspiration from traditional skills and methods such as composition and strives to create detailed atmospheric sceneries. At the same time, Wang looks to Western artworks for their application of lighting and design, portraying the unique lotus pond in Autumns of Norther-Eastern China to express the concept of the natural cycle of the seasons while hinting to the human condition. Through withered leaves, Wang conveys a sense of elevation of the soul as well as the abandonment of riches and fame. This literati imagery seeks to awaken the awareness of life and fearlessness in the face of death.


2003   Sketch work awarded second prize of Tsinghua University Collection exhibition.
2005   Lacquer painting “ Silent Night” was selected by Xiamen 2005 Chinese lacquer painting exhibition.
2006   Lacquer painting “Fall rhythm of pond”, and lacquer work “Daughter of Ocean” collected by Tsinghua
2014  “ Live. Ink” was selected and collected by 12th National Art Exhibition of China.
2016  “ String and Flute” was selected by 4th National Lacquer Painting Exhibition.
2017  “ Flutter freely in autumn” was selected by Xiamen Lacquer Painting Exhibition.
2018  “ Pouring a dream” was selected by 6th Young Art Exhibition.
2018   Lacquer paintings were featured by art magazine no. 608 “Meishu”.