The Vibration of the Universe Gon-Jer Wang Solo Exhibition 2016.12.17-2017.1.22
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“The Vibration of the Universe” Gon-Jer Wang Solo Exhibition

Opening 2016.12.17 (Sat.)14:00
A force coming straight from the heart to show a deep awe towards the vitality of the universe or towards local landscapes, it all incorporates a delicate equilibrium encompassing both Nature and the soul.

The unassuming, yet rich, other-worldly high-end grey-scale color scheme is accompanied by an energetic rhythm and stringent, balanced composition to convey an enticing, engaging aloneness, stillness and the space in between.

The work evokes an inner resonance within the viewer and recalling his/her experiences with beauty, expressing the deep meanings abstractness and spirituality within the experiences, while investigating the dynamic juxtaposition between representational paintings and the abstract.