Inside and Outside the Figures 2017.04.01-05.14
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Artist :Zong-Guang Chen, Feng-An Zhang, Ying-Wei Li, Yao- Wei Wang, Si-Tao Yang

The concept of the “nude” lies at the center of this exhibition. The artists express the aesthetic of the body through nude figures while hinting to authentic, humble, even crude qualities through the body. Behind the exposed nude figures and facial expressions are depictions of unaltered worlds and emotions.  
The artists examine the inside and outside phenomenon of the painted object through representations of the body. The inside of the human body is a figurative characterization while the outside is a concept that transcends the image, crossing over from the figurative to the abstract. This exhibition displays the works of five artists, attempting to guide the viewer into the creative perspective and examine how the ideas of the work are constructed and realized. From specific, realistic depictions of the human body to the forms and concepts that the artists investigate through body paintings and portraits, these works are metaphors of the artists’ state of mind towards environmental and social changes.  

For instance, work “Lily” is a work that truthfully reflects the life and inner world of artist Li Ying Wei. The authentic image of the depicted figure is revealed as he takes down the mask in a painting that was originally a natural contemporary portrait. The mask that is removed has a solemn expression, while the real face appears to be relaxed, portraying artistic sentiment in a rich and authentic manner.  
Artist Chen Zong Guang created the character “Lao Cai” based on the urban culture of his city, a society with developing cultural technology, and personal life experiences with the nude as a carrier. This character transits and complies the context of cultural symbols through the collision of the inner personal state and life impacts, showing concern for the life of the individual.