Pierre Cerviotti Solo Exhibition 2017.05.20-07.30
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Each created with over 1000 degrees through liquidation procedures of casting and melting copper, the works are made with flowing copper perfusion and the molding of melted material combined with later cutting, welding, hammering, and intertwined fantasy and reality. French artist Pierre Cerviotti conducts repeated explorations of difficult skills, supervising the entire process, from creating, molding, waxing, shaping the copper, and coloring. The artist is enchanted by the nuanced changes throughout the process, and each sculpture is like an adventure filled with reassuring energy and surprises. Although based in Taiwan, the artist is concerned about the refugee crisis in Europe. Cerviotti transforms the sense of awe and compassion into beautiful artworks.
Pierre  uses melted copper as a form of expression. Before the melted copper sets, the works seem to embody a form but is at the same time formless. These works originate from his childhood fascination with flames and flowing lava. The interesting part of this method is that although the artist can control the creative techniques, the finished form is unpredictable. This creative method involves an element of surprise within the controllable and uncontrollable process of smelting.
The “
Nomadic Goddess Series” depicts refugees in a blur between fantasy and reality. When the mind is separated from the body, these people carry a sense of perplexity and uncertainty as they travel, entering a nomadic state as they look for a resting place in the vast unknown. The body pieces, surface texture, elongated torsos that seem to reach into the heavens, express determination despite displacement, while the facial features of the holy figures startle the viewer with dignified and solemn expressions.
Many of Pierre’s works exist between the overlap of ancient culture and modern aesthetics. Religion or myths, literature or philosophy, or the current issue of ecology and environment, are all conscious expressions of the artist’s life. These works are realizations and metaphors, pleasure and anxiety, or simply cherishing depictions of the heart-moving qualities of life in the present moment.