「The Scenery of Materials」2018.06.02-08.26
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“ The Scenery of Materials"
Curator:Duan, Chun-Zhen
Artist:YU, Zong-Jie , TUNG, Ming-Chin, HU,Jyun-Jie

Curator /  Duan, Chun-Zhen

Throughout the contemporary context after the 1960s, the boundary between art forms are becoming more and more blurry. The first sign of this may be the disintegration of materials. Apart from conveying design, materials are seen as the basis for cultural reference, becoming the medium for connecting eras, historical clues, and the collective memories of communities. In addition, the creativity of art has become increasingly conceptual and issue-oriented. In view of this, discussions are no longer about “why couldn’t this be categorized as sculpture” but, more importantly, what are the definitions for sculpture? Rodin will most certainly say that being a sculptor requires extensive labor, while Brancusi will express that sculptures should express simplicity and harmony through materials. These viewpoints provide us with opportunities to reexamine sculptures. If sculptures are seen as concrete, material art forms, and products of the interaction between artist and materials while shaping the content, we may adopt a firmer perspective, and view sceneries that depict materials as a form of sculpture.