「 Drinking Shan Shui- An inner landscape with tea and art 」
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We are very pleased to announce our upcoming event- "Drinking Shanshui". At this exhibition, we will invite seven Taiwanese talented artists, who have strong expertise in using different material including textile, metalworking ,rusted object, acrylic, ceramic and enamel. These creative young artists will interpret their inner landscape "Shan Shui" while making their art and enjoy tea. Art and Tea are great complementary to each other. That is exactly why we are extremely excited to bring this exhibition to you. We welcome you to join us to enjoy, and create own inner landscape with peace and joy!

The opening tea will be provided by YIZISUN TEA.

Artnutri Gallery x Yizisun Tea.

Opening|2018.11.03(Sat.)2:30 PM
Curator| WAN WAN
Artists| EVON WANG、Tzu-Han Fang、Tsai Yu Li、Chen Lin Lee、 Ying-ting Chen、WAN WAN 、Chien-lin Su