Healing City

27 August - 2 October 2022

Our busy lifestyles have made us dependent on cities and bound by the pressures of reality while drawing close to nature has become a therapeutic event. The worldwide COVID pandemic has caused harm to people’s mental and physical health, and cities and nature have always been contrasting concepts. This exhibition is designed to allow visitors to still be able to enjoy the pleasures brought forth by flowers, plants, and trees in the city, soothing the pressures of the urban environment and entering a city of healing. Not only is this a shortcut to entering a botanic garden, but also an opportunity to experience the artist’s interaction with plants amid nature. Centered around healing the city, this exhibition aims to provide comfort and relaxation for viewers through the artist’s different interpretations. What is depicted in the works are not imitations of nature but the artist’s connections with nature expressed through different perspectives and mediums.