ARTIST ACTIVITY | YUNING YANG won gold awards from the 2022 TDCC contemporary art awards

The 2022 TDCC Contemporary Art Awards, whose theme was “The art of writing and painting in the contemporary era,” was co-organized by TDCC and Taiwan Fine Arts Foundation. Young artists are encouraged to be devoted to art research and creation, offering their response to the relation between writing, painting, and the contemporary era through their understanding, retranslation, and interpretation of the art of writing and painting. To form the evaluation committee for the awards, five experts and scholars were invited from various art circles, including art criticism, curation, art gallery, and artistic creation. The winning works were chosen based on criteria involving theme, creative expression, aesthetics, artwork completion, and space exhibition. There were 163 entries in the competition, and a total of 11 winning pieces were chosen for gold, silver, bronze, and quality awards.

The artists creating the winning pieces make a breakthrough in concept and form to respond to the zeitgeist of this ever-changing modern society. For example, in the gold award winning piece, Foliage Plants, the artist used strokes in direct contrast to the typical ones in writing and painting. With broad and wet brushes, the artist employs rapid and even rugged strokes and textures to simulate the chunky leaves growing in diverse directions. The silver award winning piece, License to Tradition, focuses on the symbols and structures of learning portfolio and then conducts comparison, arrangement, and reconstruction. This represents the creator’s suturing and renovation for the fracture between the positioning, heritage, and context of writing and painting.

The winning pieces have been on display free of charge for the public at the International Exhibition Hall at Our Museum of National Taiwan University of Arts. The exhibition lasts from December 19, 2022, to January 4, 2023. TDCC sincerely welcomes the public to appreciate the artworks.

February 21, 2019